We’ve been printing fabrics for as long as the technology has been around and pushing the boundaries of what is possible ever since.

Using the latest dye-sublimation techniques we pride ourselves that our colour saturation and print definition on soft, crease resistant FR fabrics (even mesh!) is second to none. Using direct to substrate printers we can also print on almost any material you care to name – including wood, metal and plastic. And we’ve also got some pretty juicy tricks up our sleeves when it comes to creating mind-blowing double image and backlight printing techniques…

Printed Drapes, Scrims and Banners

We regularly print on a huge variety of different fabrics to achieve the best possible result in every situation.

Whether it’s voile, trevira, mesh, gauze, canvas, PVC, blackout fabric or a host of others – we have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right fabric for the job. And because we care passionately about our work we make it our business find new fabrics and substrates at every opportunity.

We use machines up to 5m wide so depending on your application we can often at least minimise or often entirely remove the need for seams in your drapes.

And because we make everything up ourselves we can ensure you have the right fixings for your needs – and that they’re up to the job!

Black Star Riders drape

Black Star Riders

Airborn drape


Horslips drape


Vaccines drape


Emile Sande drape

Emile Sande

Jake Bugg drape

Jake Bugg

Bullet for My Valentine drape

Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine drape

Bullet for My Valentine

Special effect printed, painted and applique drapes

We are continually developing new techniques to add that extra dimension to your drape and make it stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We don’t want to give too much away as many of our special effects are created exclusively for a client or in collaboration with them but to give you a feel these bespoke constructions include a variety of printed and non-printed gauzes & blackout fabrics, metallic overlays, back masks, state-of-the-art fabric laser cutting as well as hand appliquéing and a steady eye with a sewing machine….

We’ve also just developed a process whereby we can print onto both sides of a soft tourable fabric (rather than in the past when it had to be a heavy, slightly shiny, non-foldable PVC) opening up a whole new world of day to night images and visual back light tricks to large scale touring backdrops.

5ive drape


Jessie J drape

Jessie J

Marianne Faithfull drape

Marianne Faithfull

Robbie Williams drape

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams drape

Robbie Williams

Morcheeba drape front lit

Morcheeba drape front lit

Morcheeba drape back lit

Morcheeba drape back lit

Evanescence drape


hurts drape


M People drape

M People

Darren Hayes drape

Darren Hayes

Alt J drape

Alt J


As sets become more elaborate it has become increasingly desirable to utilise every available area for creating the best visual experience possible.

The stage floor and riser surfaces present just such an opportunity especially if performing in arenas and theatres. We can print or paint on non-slip, super robust, tourable stage flooring so the show looks great from the first show to the last. (In fact some of our floors have toured the world many times over with some of the hardest rocking bands around, so we know what we’re talking about!)

Iron Maiden floor 2009

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden floor 2011

Iron Maiden

Dream Theatre floor

Dream Theater

The Script floor

The Script


Custom kits, cabs and mics…

We regularly produce custom kick drum heads, and amp scrims as well as keyboard hides and mic stands. We can even produce entire customised drum kits working with our friends at Premier. Here’s a few we’ve done for Iron Maiden’s drummer Nicko but the only limit is your imagination…

Iron Maiden Drums Ice

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Drums Space

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Drums Egypt

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Drums Camo

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Drums Blood

Iron Maiden

Hoosier Drum head

Hoosier drum head

Keane drum head

Keane drum head

For more information about our printed products or for a quote contact Sue on: 01263 732265